The Lord Lieutenant of County down

QAVS,  The Queen's Award for Voluntary Service
      A group must be made up of two or more people and must provide a specific benefit in a local area. The group may be a branch of or affiliated to a larger regional or national organisation, as long as the volunteers started and developed the initiative for the activity locally, and the group's achievements go beyond what is expected of similar groups in the wider organisation's network.
Those who benefit from the group's activities can be overseas residents or UK residents (or both) but the group must be based in a UK region or country.
Groups may bring a direct or indirect benefit. Indirect benefit includes, for example, work to preserve the heritage or environment.
Groups must have been operating at a high standard for at least three years.
More than half the people who work in the group must be volunteers.
More than half the group's volunteers must have the right of residence in the UK.
The group satisfies requirements to safeguard children and vulnerable adults, if appropriate. These requirements may include Criminal Records Bureau checks.
The group has public liability insurance or any other relevant insurance required for its work.
Groups involved in fundraising activities are eligible for the Award if their fundraising activity:
 Involves volunteers.
Focuses on creating or holding an event or local activity, rather than simply asking for donations.
Is to provide something that can be shown to benefit the local community.
There was only one award in County Down during 2015. The link to the Boy's Brigade is below.         
      The successful group in 2015 was the Boy's Brigade in Northern Ireland. The Boy's Brigade needs little introduction as it is a huge & very well respected organisation with 2,700 volunteer officers & 15,500 boys in Northern Ireland including Donegal.
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