The Lord Lieutenant of County down

Presentation of the new squadron badge on 10th december 2019 to 2004 Squadron (Ballynahinch) ATC

           Flt Lt Ruddell             Cdt Sgt Sophie Ayres              LL                Cdt Warrant Officer Ruddell    Edel Patterson                      
The LL presents the new Badge to Cadet Warrant Officer Ruddell on behalf of the Squadron
   The Lord Lieutenant, along with his cadet Sgt Sophie Ayres was invited by the commanding officer, Flt Lt Ruddell on the evening of the 10th December to the ATC centre in Ballynahinch to present the new official badge to the squadron. The badge had been hand painted and was based on the old windmill which once dominated the hill above Ballynahinch & the stump of which is still there. This is the official Squadron Badge which has been authorised by the Inspector of Royal Air Force Badges and issued by the College of Arms, London. As such, the design is totally unique to the Squadron. We think that this is the first officially authorised badge to be issued to an ATC Squadron in Northern Ireland and they are very honoured and proud to have it.
    Whilst there, the Lord Lieutenant was shown around the various class rooms and attended the evening parade where the presentation was made and a certificate was also presented to Cadet Warrant Officer Ruddell.
     The presentation was attended by Edel Patterson, who is the Chairperson of the Squadron Civilian Committee.
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