The Lord Lieutenant of County down

The Queen's Award for Enterprise
   The Queen’s Award for Enterprise was won in 2018 in the International Trade category by "SendMyBag" of Bangor & was last won in 2014 by Hill Engineering Ltd of Newry in the Innovation category. The details of the award ceremony for 2018 have not yet been agreed.
   Hill Engineering are a very successful local company based in Newry who have developed a sophisticated coupling to allow digger operators to attach & detach the digger buckets remotely &above all, safely. The hydraulic coupling is called “Tetra” & there are alarge number of models for diggers as small as 1.5 tons & as large as 120 tons.The coupling is sold all over the world and the company is expanding rapidly tomeet the demand. Almost all the components are made in the purpose builtfactory in Newry.

The Queen’s Award for Enterprise is a very special award. It is not won very often. The last Company in County Down to win it was Norbrook Laboratories in 2011. In 2014 there were 162 awards made throughout Britain, but only 39 for Innovation, so any company that wins an award is very special indeed. There were only 4 winners in Northern Ireland in 2014, one in each of the 4 categories of International Trade,Sustainable Development, Enterprise Promotion &, of course, Innovation.

The Awards began 49 years ago. The government is committed to supporting small businesses throughout the country to provide an environment that engenders growth & the purpose of the award is, of course to do just that.
Elizabeth the Second , by grace of god of the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland and of our other Realms and Territories Queen, Defender of the Faith to SendMyBag (NI) Ltd Greeting!

We, recognising the outstanding achievement of the said Award winner as demonstrated in the furtherance and increase of the international trade of Our United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Our Channel Islands and Our Island of Man and wishing to show Our Royal Favour do hereby confer upon it the Queen’s Award for Enterprise: International Trade for a period of 5 years from 21 April 2018 until 20 April 2023. We hereby give permission for the said Award winner during the five years of the currency of this Our Award:

1: To fly the authorised Award Flag & to display the Award emblem in the manner authorised by Our Warrant of the 14th day of July 2017.

2: And to use and display in the manner prescribed in Our said Warrant the flags and the emblems of any former Queen’s Awards which it currently holds.

Given at Our Court of Saint James under our Royal Sign Manual this 21 April 2018 in the 67th year of Our Reign.

Text of the Award in 2018

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